Sponsored by the Community Presbyterian Church of Ringwood

145 Carletondale Road, Ringwood, NJ

Welcome to the BSA Troop 76 Website

If you were a member of Troop 76, Ringwood, NJ, in your lifetime, we would like to hear from you.  Please click on the link located on the bottom of this message and send us an email with your Name, email address, present city and state where you are residing, and when you were a member, your experience, your Scoutmaster, where you went to summer camp, and where the meetings were held.  We would also like  a copy of any old images regarding Troop 76, Ringwood, to post on our website.  We would like to compile a list with past Troop 76 members, and continue to compile some historical information on Troop 76.   

Thank You.

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