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Welcome to the BSA Troop 76 Website

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WELCOME; at Troop 76, we follow the core values of Scouting.†

We are building the leaders of tomorrow by emphasizing leadership and character in all of our programs.† We make use of the BSA Patrol Method, which emphasizes boy leadership and personal responsibility.   Our troop program is planned and executed by the Scouts themselves, based on their interests and the needs of the troop.† The advancement program is supported by troop activities, but the pace of an individual Scoutís advancement is dependent, to a great degree, on his own initiative.† The outdoor program offers something for everyone, from events designed for first year Scouts to a full High Adventure program for our older and higher ranking Scouts.

All of these programs are designed to build the leadership qualities and moral fortitude that our young men will need when they reach adulthood.

Troop Profile

∑        We have over 50 registered boys, ranging in age from 11 to 17, and ranging in rank from Scout to Eagle.

∑ †††† We draw membership from Ringwood, NJ and surrounding communities.

 Outdoors Program

∑         We offer a number of outings per year, to various areas on the eastern seaboard.† We strive to balance our outings between backpacking (where the boys carry everything they need for the weekend in backpacks) and parking lot camping (where we carry our equipment in vehicles and park at the campsite).

∑         We provide adult leadership for a week at summer camp each summer.† Summer camp is open to all Scouts in the troop, and is conducted at an established Boy Scout Camp.† Additionally we have High Adventure outings where we go to more remote and wilderness themed camps for more senior scout .†

Parent Participation

∑         Parents are asked to participate in our monthly outings and weekly meetings on an as needed basis!† Too much adult supervision gives the boys the impression that they are not in control. It tends to diminish their self esteem and makes them reluctant to act for fear of not meeting an adultís expectation. They need to lead by doingÖ.not being told what to do. Mistakes will be made, but they will also be the most valuable lessons. We are only there to assist when requested by them or when it is obvious they are having difficulty with a particular situation.

† During these activities, however, the boys are answerable to the boy leadership, while the parents remain in the background.† Siblings of Scouts should only attend Courts of Honor and other special events, not camping trips or troop meetings.†

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